Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WRS testing

On Sunday Scott, Derwin and Taylor stopped in to visit the WRS on their way home from the MFMR Convention.  Sorry no pictures, just forgot.  For Scott and Derwin  it was a chance to operate on the layout again and for Taylor it was chance to visit the layout for the first time.  Scott did his usual job at the Mill, while Derwin and Taylor did the North and South bound peddlers.  I did the Mainline freights.  We only able to get two out of three shifts done before they had to head home.

This session was a test session for me.  I had set up my wifi system to allow all four of us to use smart phones as throttles, which is their normal throttles.  This is the second time wifi throttles have been used on the WRS. The last time Scott was over, he setup his wifi system but we also had to use regular throttles because of some issues.
I was also testing a few changes to the Switch Lists, some worked and some need more adjustments.

I am not sure when the WRS will operate again, because the layout room will have to be used as a basement again for next few months.